Further From Home is an approachable collection of 20 short stories written to entertain, and yet take things a bit further. Inspired by Western philosophy as well as by Eastern philosophies such as Zen and Taoism, the key question Further From Home asks is the question of meaning: what is it for my life to have meaning right now? For each of us, the answer is different. At each moment, the answer changes.


Written for beginners and professional philosophers alike, Further From Home avoids most of the academic jargon and provokes meditations about the biggest questions through fiction. These thought-provoking short stories are intended to teach philosophy in an easygoing, fun way that still conveys the depth of the subject.


If you’ve ever been curious about philosophy, here is a unique, approachable introduction in the form of a thought-provoking book that will invite you to see yourself—and the world around you—in a different light. Whether you’re a seasoned professional philosopher or are just looking to learn something new, Further From Home will be an excellent addition to your library.

Further From Home


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