Bring Back Satire is a collection of essays, poems, and short stories about happiness. What is it, to be happy? How do we fall short of happiness? How do we approach life when we're successful, with respect to happiness? These questions and more are addressed in a variety of ways in Bring Back Satire.


"In Bring Back Satire, Daniel has written an interesting assortment of thought-provoking essays, stories and poems.


From his discourses on Aristotle and happiness to the politics of Nietzsche; there is a veritable feast of ideas for everyone. The essays provide interesting perspectives, the stories are engaging, and the poems give pause for thought.


As a writer myself, I was particularly taken with Letter of Rejection, where we see a humorous, imagined letter from the literary world outright rejecting the author’s work.


In summary, this is an excellent read with writings to suit all tastes; certainly, a book that you’ll want to reread.” —Allen Smale (@Puffin)

Bring Back Satire


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