Ongoings and Recent Developments

Hey everyone, Dylan here. Life is wild, don't forget! This post will sum up some of the news on my end, all in one convenient post. I've launched a new philosophy book centered on ethics and happiness, but that didn't slow me down much!

I've been busy on other things as well. I did a podcast last night, and I'm launching a based philosophy publication which will attempt to blend philosophical insight and current events to provide readers with a level of insight into the COVID-19 pandemic and other goings-on that they won't have an easy time finding anywhere else.

Bring Back Satire

Bring Back Satire is now LIVE on for purchase, as a $7 eBook and a $20 paperback.

Formal Dialectics

Formal Dialectics recently got a paperback makeover, which has dropped the price to $70--still not quite as low as we'd want it, but definitely more affordable than the $120 sticker the hardback brought with it. Here's the link to that:

Serious Philosophy

Serious Philosophy started as a Facebook group and has gained some traction in recent days. I put together a piece from my field about ethics and triage in the COVID-19 crisis and was actually invited to do a podcast about it. Find the publication here:

Me, Around The Web

I love making friends with people and working on projects with them. A lot more of that will be coming up, but for now, Here's The Place (4/1/2020): COVID-19 and Problems in Ethics. It was great to see Steven and Terry and Darryl, and Dr. Jones is interested in getting me back in. Maybe I'll do a show with the guys about Bring Back Satire at some point, sort of explain what the work is all about. I'll keep you posted on that.

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