Frequently asked questions

What do you do?

I do a bunch of crazy technology-related things. Follow my primary blog at Medium here; that's where most of the coolest stuff lands eventually. I write for Cryptowriter on the Voice app here; that's where my philosophical background empowers me to develop insightful views of emerging technology. If you're not already on Voice, you'll need to register first. Here's an invite to do that. From biology to ethics to neuroscience to AI to blockchain and back to biology and up this time to finance and politics... I'm interested in the arc the intellect makes as it comprehends the world and I'm willing to learn all the jargon I need to be able to follow cutting edge develpments across this broad spectrum of interests. I'm a trained analytic philosopher and I broke into rare air in 2018 with the publication of my first peer-reviewed philosophical treatise, Formal Dialectics.

What is an NFT, and why do you think the future of publishing will revolve around them?

An NFT is a non-fungible token. The most popular form of NFT is currently the Ethereum-based ERC-721 standard. I believe they will revolutionize publishing because they are immutable and imminently collectible, as well as transferrable. I'm currently working toward a run of 25 copies of Bring Back Satire, my most recent book. I'm not sure whether or not to host the work on this site for free at this time, but plans are in the works to limit total production of BBS NFTs and open source the copyright of the work, making it free to view for everyone.

If you're interested in supporting this project, please follow me on OpenSea.io and make your thoughts clear by bidding or abstaining. If you'd like to get into OpenSea as a creator or as a collector, you can use my referral link here. This will reward me, so if you're interested in supporting my work I certainly encourage you to use referral links. There aren't many, but they will tend to appear in my articles about the subject they're most relevant to. They're kind of like fun little easter eggs that will reward you and I just a bit to become involved in the same networks.

What is philosophy?

Good question! My niece recently asked me. I'm still working on the essay response, but my hope is that I'll be able to put it into terms that she can understand while she's still in elementary school. That'll mean I really understand my subject, if I end up pulling it off.

I have an idea I think you'll like, or I want to chat with you about something of yours that I read. How can I contact you?

I cannot justify the effort it would take to make an email list quite yet and do not have any real coherent notion of how to unify my social media approach. There should be links all over this site, and I should be reasonably active in each of the channels. But I'm working on this, and will update here when there's a better answer. For now, just pick whatever looks most interesting and click "follow." I recommend Medium because most of what I'm up to keeps getting written about (by me) and, one way or another, from novellas to blockchain market analysis, it all tends to end up there eventually.

Feel free to reach out with any thoughts or questions!

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